Brighton Nursery School Sangenjaya



保育園名 Brighton Nursery School Sangenjaya
保育園の特徴 At Brighton Nursery School (BNS) , we aim to provide the highest level of care in a happy, safe and secured environment where children can learn, play, and grow. BNS prides itself on passionate, qualified and well experienced educators from different countries, who are well versed in a variety of early childhood educational approaches. Our teaching strategies, daily routine, classroom arrangement and curriculum are carefully designed to support each child’s learning interest and developmental needs.
We observe and document all our children individually, as this enables us to monitor each child’s stage of development and plan how best we can help (advance progress.) We share our findings with parents. We see parents as partners and value their ideas; as a result, we have open communication daily – (My day) journals, portfolios, monthly newsletters and twice a year parent teacher conference.
We plan and also create experiences that can stimulate and nurture the children’s development and skills in the following learning areas: cognitive, language, physical and socio- emotional, creative development and self-help skills. This means we strive to build a strong love of learning foundation for our children with a focus on early literacy development and supporting their intellectual curiosity. This is to prepare them for their future learning experiences.
所在地 東京都世田谷区若林2-17-7 光ビル1F
電話番号 03-6805-4200